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Doo-Wop Pendant

Doo-Wop Pendant

Designer Poul Henningsen

Depth     283mm

Height    245mm

The Doo-Wop was originally introduced in the 1950s and used for many years in the buildings of the Danish Navy for many different applications such as canteens and offices.

The Navy Pendant, which was the name at that time, was widely used because of the unique lighting properties and utility.

The original Navy Pendants are highly sought-after pieces sold through antique stores and auctions all over the World. Noticing the products huge popularity lead Louis Poulsen to re-launch the product.

The new version is very close to the original, with updated colours. It is available in brass, stainless steel, copper, white or dark grey.

The shades are still and spun by hand and completed with the fine rolled edge which gives the shades a special optical volume. The brass variant challenges the craftsman as it is spun from a solid brass plate and appears polished.
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