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Leather care

Aniline vegetal leather is a natural material and has no surface finish. Over time through exposure to daylight, it will gain a beautiful natural patina. Real leather is a unique natural product. Small inset bites, scars and folds of the neck give the leather its charm.

Pigmented or semi pigmented leathers have a surface coating so are more resilient to staining, but have a less natural appearance than the aniline leather.

Avoid placing leather in direct sunlight or exposing to extreme heat.

Modern furniture leather requires only regular dusting with a soft cloth and requent vacuum cleaning with a clean brush.

For more extensive cleaning we recommend Pelle leather cleaner and conditioner.


Wood maintenance

All of our timber furniture should be dusted regularly or wiped with a slightly damp cloth. Polished or lacquered finishes such as on rosewood, mahogany, some oak, some teak, etc can be waxed occasonally with an antique furniture wax used sparingly according to manufacturers instructions.

Teak furniture can be treated using teak oil to restore surface appearance although care should be taken to avoid staining to any upholstery materials.

For soap finished oak furniture, periodic cleaning is recommended using a cloth wrung out in a solution of 1/4 dl white soap flakes in 1 litre of warm water. For heavily soiled furniture a nylon scourer can be used with the solution and surplus residue should be wiped away.

It is recommended that the furniture is cleaned in this way at least once a year, so that over time the wood absorbs more soap making the piece more repellant to marks or staining. (Vintage pieces have the advantage of having had this done already for some time)